How You and
Your Team Can Help:

My Team Cares is a self-guided program that allows teams of all kinds to help the North Bay Food Bank care for our community. It’s a fun way to strengthen the bonds within your own organization or team, and it allows us to multiply the good we can do for those in need.

We’ll provide some ideas and tools to help you and your team create your own food drive program! Whether your team consists of people from the office, your volleyball team or a group of friends and neighbours, we can achieve so much more when we work together.


1. Register and Build Your Team

My Team Cares is open to everyone! Your team can be your company, community group, sports team or even your entire association. All that matters is you work together to achieve your goal… because you care. And don’t forget to register so we can keep track of all the caring that’s happening in our community!

Food of the Month

2. What’s Your Flavour?

Decide what your team would like to contribute. We always need non-perishable food items (check out the food of the month for ideas!) but we’re also happy to accept your money : )

3. Get Swagged Up!

Want to take it to the next level?!! Get your team swagged up to show the community that you care. It will make your team feel great, and encourage others to join in! Download the My Team Cares Logo template here, and provide it to your local printer along with your team/company logo or name, and get creative! We think T-shirts are an excellent way to spread the word and of course you’ll want to use the social media graphics.

My Team Cares Tshirt
Kid Soccer Team Hug

4. Start Caring

Set your goal and completion date and start working towards it. Are you keeping it within the team, or asking others to pitch in? It’s up to you! Now that you have a goal, how are you going to achieve it? Maybe you want each person in your office to bring in 10 food items. Or you could ask everyone on your baseball team to canvas their street so you can raise 500 lbs of food. You can involve your fans, clients, friends, family and neighbours. Feel free to be creative and make it fun!

5. Post and Share

Make sure you post and share on social media along the way. It’s great for team morale and you’ll be helping spread awareness and show people how they can get involved too. See below for graphics, or do your own thing!

6. Achieve Your Goal and Celebrate!

When you achieve your goal, it’s time to drop off your donation and celebrate! Maybe you want to reward your team for their effort (we have some ideas, just ask us) and we also have special social media graphics for you to post when you have reached your goal – see the Swag section below.

BONUS! - Each year, we will be recognizing the most passionate supporters by immortalizing them on an unperishable food item. We’ll Photoshop the winning team’s photo onto this virtual symbol of community caring, and use it for the next year’s campaign!

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Your donation helps families in need within your community.

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