Workplace Collection Bins

Many offices and workspaces have an extra blue bin or two.

Now you can turn it into a highly visible collection bin to encourage your co-workers to put some food items in it.

Simply drop by The North Bay Food Bank at 1016 Fisher Street and get a bright red sticker that you can affix to a blue bin.

Turn your blue box into a collection bin

Setup your food bin anywhere that will be noticed, be sure to announce the food of the month periodically and don’t be shy to ask for donations. Many organizations ask for a food item in lieu of casual days or other workplace cultural activities; a request and offer is a powerful way to gain momentum!


Our preferred option is to have you drop off at the Food Bank during our “Business & Incoming Delivery” hours, which are:

  • Mon-Tues 9-4
  • Wed-Thurs 10-6
  • Fri 10-3

Or, call the number on the sticker (705-495-3290) or email asking for a pickup including your location and hours of operation.

We will do our best send a volunteer or staff member to pick it up within 5 business days, our commitment is to target completing more than 80% of our requests within 4 business days.

Donate Now

Your donation helps families in need within your community.

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